Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kaitlyn Ruth.

Kaitlyn Ruth Ray

Today I wanted to take time to celebrate and honor one of my beautiful and wonderful best friends--the one and only Kaitlyn Ruth. Kaitlyn has always been an inspiration to me, in SO many ways. Her generosity, her kindness, her intelligence, her dedication, her friendliness, her goals, her warm spirit, her joy in life, her love of others..basically she is just AMAZING! I know Kaite hears this all the time and already knows the many wonderful traits she has, but I wanted to remind her on this day how special she is. So here is a little list of things I love about her:

♥Her desire to always choose and DO the right
♥Her sweet disposition in all situations
♥Her zest and enthusiasm for life
♥Her perfect smile--and she's ALWAYS smiling!
♥Her love for Jordan--seriously it's inspiring
♥Her crafty creativity
♥Her encouragement of others--she's the most AMAZING friend!
♥Her support of others
♥Her generosity
♥Her love for her family
♥Her beauty and grace in all she does
♥Her dedication to others and her responsibilities
♥Her happiness for others
♥Her style--always the most fashionable and beautiful in our group
♥Her testimony
♥Her energy and excitement in life
♥Her photography
♥Her strength
♥Her willingness to help and give to others
♥Her ability to think of others
♥Her fun and friendliness
♥Her thoughtfulness
♥Her laugh and ability to laugh with others
♥Her friendship.

Love you so much Kaitlyn, thank you for being in my life and being the most amazing friend!! Happy birthday!!!


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