Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In case you guys didn't already know shade clothing is back in business. naturally I get the newsletter so as soon as I got an email they were alive again I went a bought a few things I been waiting for. here's some things you guys NEED to know about

these leggings are heaven. they feel like butter, but are thick enough for coverage. they also have a thick comfy waistband, similar to my other favs
I was worried about this one. It looked like a great idea but I wasn't sure it would live up, however it TOTALLY did. Its really comfortable and is perfect for when you have something a little low cut, or need extra coverage with a dress/top under the arms. know what I mean? sometimes i just need a little something as an under layer without the extra bulk. this is a life saver!
I also got one of these layer tees. shade has a few different kinds of tops now.
baby tee, classic tee, layer tee....
this one had cute hemmed trim and fits great

I've always liked shade but I was exceptionally pleased with my latest purchases and just bought a few more items.

yeah for shade!

p.s. where are you guys... get to postin!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stripes make me happy

in case you need something to do right now:

1. go to j.crew
2. click women
3. type stripe in the search box

you may or may not see some of the cutest treasures ever


Thursday, March 3, 2011

um hold the phone...

my co-worker, just told me about this magic product 

I'm going to bed, bath, and beyond as SOON as I leave work to pick one up.
pretty sure it's gonna be a life changer, but I'll let you know