Friday, January 21, 2011

OBAGI (oh.bah.jee)

so has anyone heard of this skincare company? My father in law recently went into business with them and I just got a big huge starter kit for their Obagi C RX system and I'm so excited to try it! I feel humbled because when I first saw their product I saw the older samples that are meant for older women and men- more of an anti- aging prescription grade without-the-prescription-looking bottle and I'm ashamed to say that I made fun of them and called the bottles old fashioned. I say ashamed because I really had no experience with the product, I didn't know who it was for or what it looked like or what it does... and then I got this starter kit (which retails for like 300 dollars- for free.) and it's for younger skin, and it came with a cute plum bag, and all the products are infused with Vitamin C which is the only antioxidant that helps your skin produce collagen (makes it firm and pretty). I'll let you know what the product does to my face after I use it for a while, I have really sensitive skin so it's hard for me to pick something new, but if it works for me I stick with it FOREVER. It would be nice to have all my face care in ONE brand, so that I don't have to go to ten different companies for ten different products that haven't been tested together. Does anybody else know anything about this company or know anyone who uses their products? I bet I could hook them up with awesome coupons and samples and stuff, Obagi is super loyal to it's costumers- who are super loyal to them back! I'm not trying to toot my dad's horn, I'm just being honest. So if you are looking for a new skin product, you should try obagi. It used to only be prescribed by dermatologists, but now it's on the market for every type of skincare you can imagine. Get some! or just check it out here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sites to explore

over the holiday some of us girls were able to get together and enjoy chatting/goodies until the wee hours of the night. here is a list of blogs/sites we shared. check them out, there's some seriously good stuff here!

hillary took my first page of notes... so hill please put them in the comments or post em.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


a goal of mine for a LONG time has been to be more informed about what is going on in world, specifically the running of our great country. the problem is that is a lofty goal when you try to go from knowing relatively little to being informed in one bound. I try and read articles, but with out more context/back-story on the event it's hard to grasp what the heck anyone is talking about. 

can any of you intelligent/informed woman recommend a good ,preferably unbiased, blog or website that gives the basics on current events? I'm for looking simple breakdowns so I can start learning more, you know a good jumping off place... that's what I need. 

who can point me in the right direction?