Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Done with Frizz, please!?!?

Every winter, my hair becomes a nightmare of static. I love living at the base of the mountains in Utah, but I LOATHE what it does to my hair.

My sister solves it by not washing her hair every day. I, unfortunately, inherited the yucky genes; if I don't wash it every day, I'm stuck with dandruff (eww!) or oily scalp (eww again!).

So ladies--I seek your help. I am still a starving college student, so I need an inexpensive solution: what do you/did you do to get rid of frizz?!? Do you have any magical shampoo/conditioners that you love? or a home remedy?!


Mackenzie said...

I have the same problem and like you, I cannot skip the hair washes.
This is my new best friend - it is $15, but I can make a bottle last 6 months (and my hair is pretty long):

.kaitlyn. said...

love all things arrojo!

Ty & Kelli Taylor said...

What I do is after styling put just a tad bit of mousse in my hair to calm the static. Or I will also use some kind of styling syrum, but the mousse is cheap and works great!

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