Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mother Knows Best

Hah so I love this song from tangled... But seriously

I know some of you are mom's or have good advice on baby items and since I am a first timmer here I need some help/advice about getting our little nest started. There are so many baby items these days it blows my mind... so this is where I need your help... what are the baby must haves? And what things would you suggest we not waste our money on? What were some of your favorite products/baby blogs/and brands for baby items?



France is said...

fisher price rock and play its cute, portable, and babies sleep really well in it because its slanted so it helps ease gas, and bubbles. its almost better than a pack and play. and cheaper! oh and even though there are a lot of cuter highchairs on the market, i got one thats a seat that buckles into chairs so that i can easily take it with me to grandpa and grandma's house for sunday dinners. what else... oh swaddle sacks from target. and cloth diapers for spit up cloths. all these have helped tremendously! good luck i'm excited for you guys, it's an incredible journey.

Karemom said...

How exciting! Congrats!! I really like the Dr. Brown bottles which actually do help prevent air from getting to baby's tummy. I am also very big on encouraging new babies to take a pacifier, especially if you are breast feeding. You can choose any one you like that's appropriate for newborns. They will give you one in the hospital if you ask. Don't use it right away. Wait till your baby has a good latch and is a pretty good breast feeder. Then you can use it to soothe baby or when baby still wants to suck more after a good feed. Anything that helps you swaddle a newborn will really help you since infants sleep better when they are swaddled! You can use a receiving blanket to do this. A nurse or mom friend can show you how. Swaddle sacks form Target sound great, but have plenty of receiving blankets. They are good for so many things!

Dev & Di said...

Thank you sooo much your advice is sooo helpful!!!!

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