Sunday, September 18, 2011

baby shower games

there is something in the water. everyone is getting preggers.
ok not everyone {I'm not} but a lot of my dear friends, including some of the ladies here.

so my question is this...
who has ideas for a baby shower game?

its going to be a big shower so it needs to be the kind of game that can be played with lots of people and or the kind that can go on while everyone is mingling rather than everyone stopping to play the game.

I'm in desperate need! HELP.


mkbruin said...

For games during mingling, I don't know if this would work given the situation but giving guesses of the future baby's name on cute little cards for the mom to be to keep or instead the favorite piece of mom advice people have received. If possible, doing a guessing game of the chronological order of pictures of mom to be during the pregnancy.

For team games, doing activities like changing a diaper, feeding someone a jar of apple sauce (so it isn't gross), and drinking a bottle of milk could be like a silly relay race type of thing. There is always that gross standby of melting chocolate candy bars in diapers and having people guess the candy.

Mostly, I like to avoid games where you're focused on the mom-to-be's size because those always seem like they would give me a panic attack.

Kay Photography said...

put skittles in a cute oversized bottle and have them guess how many are in it. It's cute if you do it with all pink or all blue candies or marbles or something.

give everyone a paper plate (the cheapest ones that are really paper like) and give them each a pen.write your name on the bottom of the plate, then put the plate on your head and WITHOUT looking draw the baby. have someone describing her/him one piece at a time (head, eyes, eyelashes, long legs, hair, cute chubby baby belly, etc.) and they have to pick up their pen each time but they cant look at the plate. bride then selects the best one.

baby match: match celeb babies with their moms. print out photos or from magazines on paper and have them match as many as they can.

have a spool of ribbon and go around the room and have them guess how big she is around. whoever is closest wins.

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