Tuesday, February 15, 2011

nook vs kindle

this may be a moot point since I am getting the ipad when it comes out and may decide not to get another e-reader before then, but just in case I'd like to be informed.

so who's got a nook or a kindle and has some selling points for a fellow reader??


mkbruin said...

Kindle - the original operating system (developed by Qualcomm). It is lightweight, holds a battery charge FOREVER, and gives you access to so many books it'll blow your mind. You can also download samples of the book you're interested in before you make an official purchase. Also, it legitimately downloads books in 60 seconds or less which is AMAZING! It is easy on the eyes, just like reading a normal book and I can actually read it better than a normal book in direct sunlight.
Mentally, I keep thinking I'll write a review for it on my blog but it just hasn't happened.

As a note: there is a very, very good possibility that in the next year there will be a Kindle with color that maintains the long battery, so if you haven't purchased one yet it may be worth it to hold out for that. As it stands, I like print magazines and most of the books I read don't include pictures so I'm very, very happy with my black and white only Kindle.

Hillary Ann Hubbard said...

Nook- i LOVE my nook. here the reasons i think its a good choice
~ you can go into a barns and noble and read any book for FREE for an hour
~ you can share any book between any nook owner for 14 days
~ you can go in to a barns and noble if you need any trouble shooting. with kindle you could go to a best buy maybe
~ you can also sample book before you buy them as well on the nook
~ the bottom is a touch screen on a nook
~ you can see the covers of the books on the nook
~ i heard on some kindles there are no page numbers

Hillary Ann Hubbard said...

Also Nook has Kate Spade (exclusively for Nook) covers.

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