Wednesday, July 13, 2011

its about time

ok, this post was was long time coming.

secret is out A.MA.ZING

if you aren't a member on this site and want an invite, leave a comment and I will sendie mc send.

if you are like I was until a few weeks ago (totally out of the loop on what pinterest really is or what it is about) let me explain:

its essentially like an online vision board.
you create your own digital board with virtual pins.
when you see something on a blog or website you like you simply "pin it" (by clicking one button that you download to your book mark bar) to one of your boards (home, style whatever...) and voila a picture is added to your board with a link back to where you found it. the link back is crucial. 

you can also re-pin from other pinterest member's boards and follow friends.

its a fantastic way to stay organized (opposed to saving images to a folder on your desktop like I used to do) and get creative ideas.

trust, you will LOVE.


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