Friday, July 15, 2011

Truly, Madly, Deeply in Style

In case you haven't heard, this fall, Banana Republic will be offering all of the outfits above and quite a few more in collaboration with genius Mad Men stylist Janie Bryant. First of all , if you aren't watching Mad Men, head to Blockbuster, Netflix, Redbox or Apple TV and get started. As if brilliant writing and directing aren't enough the clothes steal almost every scene.

And I can't wait to actually by some pieces inspired by my favorite show. Her incredibly wearable and modern take on late fifties/early sixties fashion has me head over heels, the epitome of vintage chic. Not only does Ms. Bryant know how to style Betty, Joan, Peggy, Trudie and so many other beloved characters to a "t", she also give great style advice in her book: The Fashion File. Whether you check it out at the library or buy a copy, I promise you won't be sorry. Even for the most vintage wary girl her tips from choosing the right styles for yourself, making sure you've got the right stuff on underneath, and how to shop for just the right thing to polish off your look will be valuable.

Don't fret Matthew Weiner, Janie Bryant, and Banana Republic have no idea who I am, I just thought I'd share some pretty clothes and a fun style book.


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obsessed. saving my pennies already!

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