Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good question

I have been pondering this very question a lot lately, as my life with two little boys gets busier and more demanding. It reminds me of Stephen Covey’s question about who would attend our funeral if we died and what would the eulogist say. Kind of a morbid question, but great for really making us think about how we want to be remembered. Lately, I have been struggling with balance. My husband works insane hours, so I feel often like it’s all up to me. Do I fold the 4 loads of laundry or play Mouse Trap with my son? It seems simple here as I type it, but it’s complicated and I am beyond tired. At the end of each day, I come back to the very question that Kaitlyn posted about – how will I be remembered? How will my kids remember me (and their childhood)? Was I the warm mom who gave them lots of love and attention, or was I frazzled – never getting to things and always responding to their requests with “in a minute” (while that minute never comes)? My resolve – balance better and be better, starting today – stop and really see these two darling boys in the moment every day.

I am so inspired by all of the women on this blog. Often I am reading the posts at midnight when my house is quiet, but it gives me a lot of think about. I don’t post often, but I think about it and I write posts in my mind.

Kaitlyn, you are amazing. I loved what you wrote about me. It actually made me cry. If I had read it without my name, I wouldn’t have known you were writing about me – so obviously, I need to work on some things. But somehow, knowing that you see me that way pushes me to be better, more like your kind words described me. I needed to read those words this week.

kaitlyn is… spreading love and light where ever she goes, literally. and, she is the most memorable babysitter - as evidenced by the fact that Lucas still talks about her - almost two years later. she loves kids and they know it. she is always smiling, and when she talks to you, it is like you are the only person in the world at that moment.

Mackenzie (


.kaitlyn.ray. said...

dear m. thanks for your kind words! they mean a lot to me because lately I feel like my impact is so small. I know we can all feel that way sometimes, but you should know I totally meant what I said. When I first started babysitting for you I told Jordan you are the kind of mom I want to be like!!

j works pretty long hours too and im done at five everyday. id love to come play with the boys or fold the laundry while you take them out for ice cream and i really mean it. please call whenever you need an extra hand!

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