Friday, February 19, 2010

how will you be remembered

I just read this post at all things heart and home.



It got me thinking, of course, about how I want others to remember me. This led to what I will remember about a few of the special people in my life who share this blog. (I wish I could write about everyone right now and I will in the future because I’ve been blessed with great friends and family) I think it has the makings for a really good blog fest. Comment with your thoughts and or write your own post about how you want to be remembered.

Here’s how I'd like to be remembered:
- she loved the church & the Lord
- she considered others’ feelings, & loved to make people happy
- she was passionate
- she put her children first
- she knew how to have fun & she knew how to get things done
- she supported her husband & family be trying to be a better woman

love is… like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it
-A Walk to Remember

When you are not around I still feel you and I totally admire what I think makes you, you!

krista is… capturing perfect moments
- she never gives up, she sees her potential to accomplish something has actually does it. I don't think I've ever done that in my life
- always smiles even when she may be sad inside. that's not easy to do at all. when I’m sad all I want to do is show it, and talk about it, focus on it and guess what that totally doesn’t fix it.

shalyce is… making warm bread sticks
- she maintains perspective. she knows the value of hard work and sacrifice for long term rewards. I can be a very here and now kind of girl I wish I could keep me eyes on the whole picture more, like shay.
- she makes you feel comfortable around her. I’m not sure what it is but I just feel like I can totally be myself, whatever I may do and it’s not weird and I think im not the only person who would say that about shay.

diana is… discovering life’s soundtrack
-she’s loyal friend, she'd never leave you behind. I remember one time in college when I was really down and di offered to stay home that night. I always think about that time when I’m trying to be a good friend.
- she is a music lover, she always seeking after and sharing good music is just a reflection of how truly individual I think she is.

mom is… helping others breathe easier
- she listens to others. I never heard someone listen as long and as hard as my mom does when her family and friends come to her with cares, concerns, sorrows or joys.
- she has a healers touch. I’ve been so grateful all my life to have a mother who is a nurse by profession and by nature.

mackenzie is… at the children’s library on a rainy day
- she has the attitude, she loves new york. you’d think that would be easy to do because NYC is so awesome right, but its not. This city can rock your world and it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude about it.
-she is a loving mom. you can tell how much she loves her boys, but she doesn’t put it all up in your face. I guess a better way to say it is that she knows when to go with the flow and when to be a little more mama bear. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else but it just reminds me of the kind of mom I want to be. Can I just say cool, she’s cool. She’s a cool person and she’s just a cool mom. (I’m pretty sure that makes me sound like a teenager but it’s the truth, she is!)

keri is… chasing a pony in a wide open field
- she is opinionated,she takes the time to educated herself on things that matter to her. I really like this because I get heated up about things I know nothing about and its not impressive. Keri on the other hand actually knows stuff.
- she is an excellent cook/baker. she really has a natural talent and she makes it look so easy the little butthead. Haha I only say that because I try so hard and its just not in me. I know she worked hard at it too though and she has defiantly cultivated a skill. She really took what God gave her and made it grow.


Kay Photography said...

kaitlyn is... inspiring and living the dream.
-this girl is one of the most beautiful friends i have--inside and out--but what makes her truly gorgeous is her ability to embrace and LOVE every moment. nothing escapes her clever attention and her artistic focus.
-capturing the attention in a room, filling it with her personality, and lighting it up instantly when she laughs is smiles seems to come so naturally for her. (( a talent i know i, and probably every other girl on the planet wished i could possess )) no one can lighten a bad situation or cause contagious laughter like her. and i admire that about her so much.
-kaitlyn tends to be the leader of whatever company she is with, truly inspiring and leading .e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. towards bigger, better, and greater things. she can see and more importantly bring out the BEST in people, making them see the greatness within themselves and the beauty they possess.

Karemom said...

Kaitlyn is....a beautiful daughter who lights up the room, and my life, with her very presence.
She is a best friend to many, including me! She is a sister, aunt, neice, cousin, and grand daughter in the truest sense. She is a new bride who is building a nest with her love. She is faithful and strong, a teacher of children and adults. She shares my enthusiam for life and loves the Lord. She is our family's fashion guru and always, always our Unsinkable Kaite Brown!

Karemom said...

How do I want to be remembered? Can I take Kaitlyn's list and just say "ditto" because that's exactly how I feel! The only things I would add are:
She was a nurse and a teacher who gave the best to her students.
She delighted in simple beauty.
She loved her family and friends beyond measure!

Karemom said...

Keri is....a mommy, teaching, nurturing, loving and driving! She is loyal and true to her family and her values. A lover of books, a lover of children, a lover of animals, a lover of music. Always thinking of ways to make her family's life better and her pets a little more comfortable. A culinary genius, she can out cook her mom. She is brave and will always stand for the right! I am blessed to be her mommy!

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

aw thanks for all the sweet thoughts mom and krista, YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL!!! i'm blessed!

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