Wednesday, March 3, 2010

be prepared

ok so i'll start by prefacing this post with a story.

yesterday i was jamming to my ipod thinking about how much i love the city when I looked out the window of the bus i was on and realized i had totally missed my stop. I was only one ave down so I jumped off quickly and started up the street. When i rounded the corner to my street I reached into my bag to garb my keys... When I got my new job I splurged on a Marc Jacobs key chain/mini wallet that I could carry my work pass and metro-card in. Today I had put some cash in it as well as my debit card. So in total it contained: both house keys, the only mailbox key, my work ID and security pass, my debit card, cash, my flash drive, my gym pass, me monthly metro-card and my flash drive. so anyways, I reach in my purse and its NOT THERE! then I remember it was on my lap in the bus and I jumped up since I missed my stop. It must have fallen on the floor. so I jump in cab and tell him to head up Amsterdam (even though the bus runs parallel on riverside I thought we could catch up to it taking the faster street)After about 10 blocks I just guessed about how far up the bus had gotten and tell the driver to cross over to Riverside. I told him I left my wallet on the bus and to look for a bus ahead of us and then catch up as fast as he can. When we turn we see one a few blocks behind us but I think no that can't be it the bus I went on would have been further up. So we head uptown and we are racing down the street and no bus in sight. Then I think maybe it is the bus behind us, great, by now someone has def taken it and Ill have to wait in the cold 20 mins for that bus to catch up to where I am now to even see if it's there. Just as we are heading to 116 st and I'm about to give up we see a bus! The taxi driver tells me just to jump out and look on the bus before it drives away. So I do. He honks at the bus so it doesn't leave. I jump in the bus and tell the driver I need to look for my wallet. I go to the back where I was sitting and the woman there says "oh someone found it" a had woman picked it up and was asking for the owner but she just got off the bus. ON THE LAST STOP. I missed her by 4 blocks. The people on the bus said she was really nice and they thought she would find me, but I knew there wasn't anything in my wallet that would help her unless she was really aggressive. So I gave up hope. When I got to work the next morning I was knew deep in canceling my cards and getting replacements. I was trying to reach our super about the keys when my personal line rang from an outside number. Which never really happens. When I answered a sweet woman said "Hi my name is Krystal I found your wallet on the bus. " I was so happy! She said she had tried everything, looking my up on facebook, calling the gym, and the bank. She was afraid if she left it with the bank or with the bus driver that it would never get back to me, or only half of it would. She said finally she thought to Google the name of the property management company on my work ID, which was a long shot because Boston Properties owns A LOT of BUILDINGS. However they were able to give the office directory and told her to talk to Ken. (who works in my office) But when she heard my name she just dialed my directly. TA DA.

Now I realize that was a long painful story for most of you who don't care about my little tragedy turned triumph, but there is a bigger picture! There are two actually. The first is Karma. Even in the big city there are kind strangers who will do the right thing. If you do the right things people will do them for you too. The second of course is protect yourself. Check you have everything before you get off the bus, keep your purse zipped,and even if you live in Rexburg lock your door. This morning I made a list/copy of everything important in my wallet so if I ever lost it I'd know what was gone and what to cancel/replace. Here's tips from a good article I read about protecting yourself before your wallet gets lost:
  1. Step 1

Have contact information for all of your accounts stored in a safe place.

Having quick access to your account numbers and contact information for the issuing institutions may allow you to cancel your accounts more quickly before the thief is able to do his damage.

  1. Step 2

Have your work contact information printed on your checks.

This is safer than having your home address listed on your checks. You don't want a thief to pay a personal visit to your home to rob you. Also avoid printing your driver's license and social security number on your checks.

  1. Step 3

Get a non-debit ATM card.

If your ATM card should be stolen, the thief would be able to use the debit function of your card for purchases unless you have one without this feature. Most banks automatically issue ATM cards with debit capabilities. Ask your bank for a non-debit card instead.

  1. Step 4

Make a copy of everything in your wallet.

Make a photocopy of everything you carry in your wallet and store it in a safe place .If your wallet should be stolen, you'll have this important information handy to report to the different credit agencies as well as the police.

  1. Step 5

Always have an emergency credit card at home.

If your wallet is stolen and you have to cancel your credit cards, you'll need a credit card available to make purchases. Although most credit card companies can issue a new card for you quickly, most can't provide same day service since the new card has to reach you by mail. If you have a separate credit card account, you store your reserve card in a safe place in case you need it.

  1. Step 6

Minimize the number of items you carry in your wallet. If you carry business cards in your wallet, the thief will have instant access to where you work and what you do. Likewise, if you carry your social security card in your wallet, they'll also have knowledge of your social security number. Try to minimize the amount of paperwork and documentation you carry in your wallet on a daily basis. If you must carry your business card with you, store it in a separate area. Another option is to have a separate smaller wallet with just the essentials. You can use this wallet when you're going out on the town or into a situation where the risk of having your wallet stolen is higher.


MB said...

that totally happened to Scott, but the guy who got his wallet found him on facebook! we both freaked out and did the same thing with all the is amazing how much personal information someone can find out about you from one or two little cards.

Karemom said...

I just love your story and I really believe most people in the world are good, honest and kind, but I also appreciate your precautions and I intend to take them!

Karemom said...


Check this blog out for really good food! It's my friend Rhandi Orme who is a little fitness guru. The pictures are beautiful and the recipes are pretty simple.

Kay Photography said...


that's so scary!! im SO grateful someone found it! yay!!! that's wonderful :) happy there are kind people in the world!


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