Sunday, January 24, 2010

Be Mine

Just a few ideas i've found for Valentines Day. Dev and I always pick a theme for our valentines day, so if you find your self getting overwhelmed or stuck try picking a theme to stick with!


.kaitlyn.ray. said...

ohhh. good call. what are some theme ideas though... give an exmaple!

Dev & Di said...

Last year our theme was "SemiHomemade" So everything from our gifts, to what we ate for dinner was semihomemade... It was fun and allowed us to be creative in what we bought and then created for eachother... it was also fun to make a semihomemade dinner together. This year our theme is "SweetHearts" Basically lots of Sweets and Lots of hearts... His gift has to have a heart somewhere with it and so does mine. Then losts of sweets to decorate the dinner table (Since vday is on sunday)... Heart Sugar Cookies for namecards, Red Velvet cupcakes as a centerpeice, Raspberry Italian Cream sodas to drink, krispykreme heart shaped doughnuts for breakfast! etc :)

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