Thursday, January 21, 2010

Perfect kiss?

You know how every climactic kiss in the movies seems to be--perfect? Beautiful, wonderful, wish-it-were-you kind of kiss? My sisters and I were discussing cinematic kisses the other day, and we have decided the most romantic, beautiful kiss from our generation of movies, is from Never Been Kissed. I just envy the beauty, the sincerity,--and honestly, the audience. It's just..adorable.

But what do you think?
If you could jump into any movie for the final kiss...which one would it be?

p.s. Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford's kiss on the Paris Bridge in Sabrina is pretty fantastic, too.


Kay Photography said...

yessss! haha perfect choice! love this 90s-teen-chickflic-perfectkiss-loveydovey film : )

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