Friday, January 29, 2010

Holy Amazing Bake Site!

Ok, Krista introduced us to Smitten Kitchen {one of my most favs} and now I'm here to tell about Bakerella. Let me tell you amazing. Look at hoe cute those Valentine Day Treats are. I'm going to whip some up with this weekend, I'll be posting the results!


Dev & Di said...

Dont even doubt that I already bought the red velvet cake mix, Chocolate, and cream cheese frosting! HAH! LOVE IT.
Ill have to post mine too and we can share about the experience together :) love you ruthster

Kels said...

okay kaitlyn i saw this site on you gchat account and it is my new obsession. i am dying out here is jeru not being able to bake or making food that i have been craving since i got off the plane in tel aviv. miss you ruth!

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