Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chef Diaries: Zucchini Soup

Adventures In Zucchini Soup!
By Kaitlyn Ray
Recipe By Mackenzie Brasher

It all started with some zucchini... and the smoke alarm going off due to a small kitchen, weak stove fan, and too many items on the stove...

I was making my way through the first few recipe steps with ease. I even found the fat free half and half (as recommended, I was determine to follow the recipe exactly because I truly don't trust myself as a cook at all!)

I decided I would cook the chicken Jordan had bought at the store to go with our tasty soup. This is where we hit problem number one. Too much chicken to try to cook on a small pan while trying to manage soup. Note to self: (and all you guys reading this) If the item you are cooking is too thick the bottom will completely burn before you have cooked through to the middle! Further more too much olive oil in a hot pan will cause little oil drops to jump up and burst on your arms while you are trying mash zucchinis. But somehow I salvaged that whole situation and made it through the veggie steps for the soap and onto the sauce...

When the spoon I had sitting in the pot ,while I was getting out dishes, decided to jump out of the pot and sit on the floor... TWICE! (don't worry it was washed in between)
The results of which you can see below. Again note to self: (and everyone reading) As a beginning cook trying to melt butter while adding flour and various other ingredients I should be very precise on the timing of such a process or the mixture may or may not come out very lumpy and awkward.

I call these Soup On Floor and Soup On Pants... just two of this seasons latest in the Ray Home.

HOWEVER... When all was said and done, the soup was AMAZING, if I do say so myself and I do. A HUGE thanks to Mackenzie & friends recipe for delighting my taste buds and teaching me big lessons in the kitchen! I always feel proud when Jordan asks for seconds :) I think I will make zucchini soup again soon! You ladies should try it too, see recipe in post below!

The joys of learning to cook!




Dev & Di said...

Kaitlyn you are so cute lol! Its funny reading these stories about your begining cooking days because I can remember the same types of things happening to me when I was first learning how to cook. Oh well, Live and Learn lol. And about the chicken on the stove thing... I use chickenbreast tenderloins because they are smaller and will cook through before they get burned! Hope this helps!

Karemom said...

Where do you find "fat free" half and half and how can it be half and half if it is "fat free" wouldn't it then be skim milk??? Kaitlyn your soup looked beautiful!! I am going to try it tomorrow if I can find the Half and Half ( half what??) Love your pictures of the process and love you!!

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

not sure, but mackenzie said its out there and I found it, see the box says half and half fat free... lol

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